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“There are some people who live in a dream world,
and there are some who face reality;
and then there are those who turn one into the other.

Douglas H. Everett

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Fiona John is the Director of fievents and has more than 20 years of event management experience within the travel, tourism, private & local community industry.


fievents is an events, liaison, management company that offers individual approach delivering a personal experience. fievents is based in Cairns, QLD and is your one stop shop for event and marketing strategies. Fiona originates from Adelaide and has worked extensively in both the metro and regional areas of South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. After living and working in Cairns for the past 11 years, she definitely sees Cairns as her home and is extremely passionate about this vibrant and bold city.


The fievents vision is to take the headache out of coordinating what your business needs – choosing the best venues, styling, theming, pre and post conference tours, team building and developing an event that makes an impact and one that everyone will remember.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most amazing experience by delivering a personal approach with flexibility, energy, innovative and creative ideas with excellent time management skills to assist you and your business.

We pride ourselves in building our reputation and developing good connections with our clients to understand their requirements and to exceed their expectations






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“Fiona was fantastic in implementation of our event, where she brought great passion and enthusiasm to the team and event outcomes. She worked closely with our team to take concepts and make them reality, taking any task and completing it with professionalism. With her extensive tourism and event experience, Fiona was able to build on the vision for the event to create memorable event experiences through our existing aspects and new aspect she created. It was a pleasure to have Fiona as part of the team.”

CADCAI - Great Barrier Reef Chinese New year Committee

Thank you for an absolutely superb Inbound Up North. You did an amazing job. Every bit was perfectly coordinated and the event tonight was truly wonderful.

You made the region and the organisation proud and I’m sure buyers and sellers all had a very successful and enjoyable time as a result.

Daniel Leipnik - CEO & Founder

Cairns Aquarium.

"Thank you very sincerely for your expert services in the production of the Roundtable's Summer Celebration. To say that "we couldn't have done it without you" is a gross understatement"

Reef Feast Committee


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fievents organise events ranging from workshops, conferences, corporate hospitality, product launches to gala dinners and major festivals and anything in between. fievents can provide you with an individual approach on all aspects of your event and ensures on time delivery on concept, time, and budget. We can manage all aspects of your event – from unusual creative event concepts, to budget preparation, sponsorship and management to taking care of venue liaison, production, delegates/guests, speakers.

  • Conferences

  • Workshop program

  • Product launches

  • Charity fund-raisers and awareness events

  • Major festivals and specialised events

  • Corporate hospitality

Venue Sourcing and Travel Management

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A venue can make or break an event, how do you select the right one for your event?


fievents boasts years of experience in sourcing, booking and managing venues with first hand knowledge of previously working within the tourism & events industry.  Our dedicated team can handle all of your event venue hire, accommodation booking and on-ground travel requirements, saving you hours of time, money and effort. We offer the following event venue hire, travel and accommodation booking services:

  • Venue sourcing, booking and management

  • Accommodation bookings

  • Transport bookings and transfers

Sponsorship Management

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fievents is highly experienced at sponsorship management, including sourcing and negotiating sponsorship opportunities for a range of events including media & product launches, major events, gala dinners, charity events and conferences.   We offer a full sponsorship management service including:

  • Sourcing sponsors

  • Contract negotiation

  • Signage requirements

  • Development of communication material

  • On-site corporate hospitality

  • Brand Synergy

  • Marketing campaigns across multiple channels to leverage the sponsorship

  • Post-event ROI evaluation


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Good effective marketing, promotion, advertising and publicity is essential to any event. From research into target markets and formation of marketing plans to creation of promotional concepts and advertisement placement. fievents provides the most cost effective promotion and publicity of your event or function. With many years experience in the tourism and events industry and intimate knowledge of small business fievents has excellent knowledge on how to improve your business and help drive attendance to your event.

  • Marketing Plans

  • Placement of Radio, Print and Television advertisements

  • Social Media campaigns

  • Direct Marketing campaigns

  • Poster and Brochure distribution

  • Media Launches

  • Product Launches

  • Charity Events


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Funding can be the key requirement to getting your event off the ground.  The team at

fievents can assist with all grant applications for qualified events via the local council and State Tourism Authority and also research other possible grant options.


  • Grant Funding applications

  • Management of awarded funds

  • Grant acquittal

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